weerwoord voor een dwaalleer Joh. 1:12

Over A.E. Knoch

A.E. Knoch wordt in christelijk universalistische hoek als autoriteit gezien vanwege zijn werk, waaronder de nodige boekwerkjes┬áen een ‘concordante bijbelvertaling’ die de dogma’s van de leer der alverzoening moeten legitimeren.

Voor degenen die de engelse taal machtig zijn bij deze de link naar een uitvoerig artikel waar een aantal ‘vergissingen’ van ┬áKnoch worden besproken. (vJ)

“Intelligence, as has been proven over and over, as impressive as it is, is no guard against deception but with it comes its own pit falls ÔÇô knowledge puffs up.”

IÔÇÖve finally read some of A.E. KnochÔÇÖs writings: two small booklets, The Pre-existence of Christ and Christ and Deity, along with a short biographical memorial pamphlet and a few other tracts. While demonstrative of the powers of KnochÔÇÖs mind, I, for the most part, have found the material to contain serious error. Intelligence, as has been proven over and over, as impressive as it is, is no guard against deception but with it comes its own pit falls ÔÇô knowledge puffs up. It may be that this man fell into that trap, only the Lord knows for sure. But we all, the small and the great are in danger of such a fall, being all made of the same stuff. Its just the less accomplished are not as likely to develop views of self-grandiosity but rather are more likely to follow someone else into their delusion, ending up in the proverbial pit with them. How we should guard ourselves from overly elevating men so as to follow them; and not just in regards to men but even angels, or any other created being, for that matter. We have one Lord; we follow Him. What evil has been spawned from the minds of the “intelligent” in the name of Christ! May God give us grace and humility so that we keep in the way of truthÔǪlet us fear! However, in spite of oneÔÇÖs self-assured state, God is gracious and faithful to provides a way of escape, even as the apostle has informed us. His correction He usually delivers through the brethren, humbling in itself and part of the remedyÔǪYet how few are open to correction. It may help to have a little background on Knoch himself to understand better whom we are dealing with. For I hope to show in this response to Mr. KnochÔÇÖs teaching how:

He is bias in his translation.
He is in error to teach that which would make God dependent on a creature.
He is in error in supposing a creature could be the vehicle for creation.
He is in error teaching that our salvation is on the merits of a creature.
He is in error to teach there is no plurality of persons in the Godhead.
He is in error to divide the substantial nature of God from His image and form.
He leads an attack on the continuity of the Father and the Son.
He proposes a doctrine that is anti-christ in nature. Continue>>>>

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vader Jakob

Mijn bijnaam is vader Jakob, omdat ik Jakob heet en vader ben, met kleine v. Ik ben een taalliefhebber en een liefhebber van het Woord met een grote W. Beschouw mezelf als niet passend in enige denominatie of kerkgenootschap. Erg benieuwd naar de toekomst.

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